Heart Shaped Cupping Therapy Suction Cups – Set of 6


This set includes 6 heart shaped cups with a free pump.

The cups are made from a plastic blended with silicone to prevent the cups from cracking. allowing the cups to stay firm yet still flexible. The valve is a unique nipple design that maintains suctions with no air leakage.

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These heart shaped therapy suction cups will leave an impression on every client that you see. The unique shape allows the classic cupping circles associated with cupping therapy to display a beautiful heart shape pattern when used with the static cupping method. The cups are durable and high quality. They will withstand being dropped and will not break easily. These cups have been very popular among cupping therapy practitioner, massage therapist and manual therapists including chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. This cupping kit can also be used as a home use cupping and makes a great gift for a loved one.


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