Inspired by the arabic
principle of عَافِيَة "Aafiya"

At ICAHT we have developed a very unique and tailored approach to helping people optimise their health. The ICAHT Method does not fall into the distinctive categories of chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture or sports therapy in which the intention and objective is often to deliver or receive a particular mode of treatment. Instead, our process is focused on the purpose of seeking care, which in all cases is to facilitate the optimisation and preservation of health and holistic wellness, inspired by the Arabic principle of “Aafiya”.

“Every action is based on its intention”

When Aafiya or health optimisation is the objective, the focus is on the patient and not on delivering a particular treatment. We understand that every patient is different, and before offering any care or advice, a holistic understanding must be sought to develop an appropriate strategy to accommodate the requirements of each individual’s needs on their unique health journey.

“First seek to understand,
then seek to be understood”

As a result, our process starts with a holistic health consultation and assessment. We analyse every individual through a holistic lens that evaluates the 3 foundational components of health. Our belief is that health grows or decays based on its past and present states of physical, chemical and emotional environments. By appreciating these elements in each person’s case we can not only uncover and understand how deficiencies in health may have arisen, highlighting the root cause of illness or disease, but we can also anticipate or predict the future direction of one’s health too. This understanding allows us to recognise the specific areas of care and modes of treatment intervention that will be most appropriate for the individual patient.

By not limiting the ICAHT model of care to one discipline of therapy intervention we are able to provide our patients with the benefits of choosing from or combining different treatment modalities and approaches inspired by traditional chinese medicine, Islamic medicine, Ayurvedic practice, Thai yoga, Chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation. This blended approach has allowed us to take the best from a range of practices and disciplines both old and new to develop the ICAHT method. We consider our approach to be a form of holistic Physical medicine but believe it is best described as the MMA (Mixed martial arts) of the therapy world.

“Welcome to the MMA of the Therapy World”
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