Our Philosophy - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy
”Just like a seed needs air, light and water to grow. Health also requires simple ingredients to flourish. This is the foundational premise of the ICAHT model.”


Our Story - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy
Our Story - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy
Our Story - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy


At ICAHT, Philosophy plays a big part of what we do. It contains the belief systems and value systems that build the driving purpose of every action we take. These foundational principles of what we think and why we think them, have complete control over what we do and how we do it. When it comes to our health, the outcome of our philosophy can be the difference between life vs death, wellness vs dis-ease and thriving vs simply surviving in this world. If our aim is to live well and thrive to achieve our highest physical and spiritual potential, our beliefs and thought processes need to be aligned with what facilitates that goal.


Our very definition of health has such a great impact on how we value it, how we maintain it and in many cases how we lose it. At ICAHT we don’t believe that being healthy is a state that you are either in or out of. We believe health is a spectrum that fluctuates depending on the nurture it is given and the environment that feeds it. In this model healthcare is not simply required when we fall ill but is an integral part of actively striving to optimise our state of being, on a physical, chemical, emotional and ultimately spiritual level.

The foundations of health is a paradigm we use at ICAHT to manage even the most complex of cases. In today’s world the majority of health issues and problems people face have a direct correlation with deficiencies or imbalances in their health foundations. These deficiencies, which often link back to lifestyle choices, prevent the body from expressing its full capacity to heal itself and attain an optimised state. Addressing flaws in the health foundations of our members maximises the efficiency of our treatment services and allows us to facilitate lasting change that addresses the root cause of sickness and disease.


A healthy life starts with a healthy mind. Re-wire the way you process the stresses of life with mind-coaching - a happier you is a healthier you.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - we believe strongly in the saying of Hippocrates, known as the 'father of medicine.


We employ a wide range of old & new sophisticated treatment techniques such as chiropractic, cupping, acupuncture & soft tissue techniques.


As an organisation we wish to make a lasting impact on the world by benefiting as many lives as possible with the knowledge and services of integrative practice and wellness care. Our Mission is to revolutionize the way in which people think and behave in relation to their health. Our Goal is to Educate and Empower the world with holistic understandings & practices of traditional health philosophy that focus on addressing the root causes of sickness and disease. We aim to do this through patient/practitioner education and mentorship and via the revival and delivery of holistic interventions and therapeutic practices.

We empower & educate people to discover their optimum life potential. Delivering modern health solutions through ancient holistic healing arts. 

We Believe..

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