Develop a Career in Hijama Cupping Qualify In Just 12 Months Via The Elite Performance Practitioner Pathway


Do you have what it takes to become an ICAHT Certified Elite Performance Practitioner?
If the answer to all of these questions is a YES, then developing your career as an ICAHT Elite Performance Therapy practitioner may be the key to helping you gain freedom and flexibility in your work, while providing you the motivation and job satisfaction to be able to love what you do every day.



• Overview of Course Content
• Join the community
• MINDSET = Success or Failure
• Default Diary Tool
• On-boarding 1 to 1 Call with Dr. Rizwhan


• Foundations of Health
• Anatomy (Stage 1,2 & 3)
• Joint Assessment
• Clinical Internship
• Tools Course
• Fire Cupping
• Dry Cupping Masterclass
• Insurance Instructions
• GNC/ICAHT Membership


Elite Performance - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy
Watch our free introductory hijama video series training for you to understand our holistic treatment approach and overview of our course program that will answer mostly of your questions.
After watching the 3 video series. You will book an application call with Dr. Rizwahn to assess your suitability to our program as we select practitioners who understand our mission.
Once accepted, you will received an email as a formal invitation to enrol in our program including the details on how to purchase the course.


ICAHT has established integrative medicine clinics nationally and internationally in Leicester, Cardiff, Bristol as well as Bangalore (India). For thousands of years, traditional medical systems have been made up of the integration of numerous physical, nutritional, psychological and even spiritual interventions that treat the patient as a whole and focus on the preservation and optimisation of health and not just on treating ailing body parts, symptoms or a disease.

ICAHT has served to revive this philosophy in a time where this concept has been lost from our health care systems. We use a combined approach of refined therapies and practices for the management of a wide range of health conditions and the maintenance of health in a proactive model.

Below you will be able to explore some of our Online Stand alone courses and modules. These are video based, self-paced study modules that allow you to pick and choose what aspects of our training you wish to partake in, although most of these modules are designed for practitioners furthering their skills we are expanding on our self-help and patient targeted content for self-education and individual health empowerment.

It is important to note that the list of individual online study programs below are all included in our 12 month full practitioner certification which includes additional online and offline content not listed below. You can find out more about our 12 month practitioner certification and mentorship program HERE.


World’s Leading Expert in Holistic Physical Medicine Education
Dr. Rizwhan  is a doctor of Chiropractic medicine and is an internationally acclaimed leader in the field of Hijama/Cupping therapy, Chiropractic Education and Integrative health care. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he regularly shares with others through his role as an educator 
at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. He has established clinics both nationally and internationally and is personal practitioner to a number of world class athletes. Dr. Rizwhan has a passion for guiding and supporting other practitioners especially those who share similar values and beliefs. You can use this call to help you clarify if this is the right decision for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a call?
We have a 3 step process to enrol. First, watch our 3 video series to understand our holistic treatment approach and overview of our course program. Click Here Then, book a call with Dr. Rizwhan for an application call to know if you’re qualified to join program. Finally, once you’re approved with Dr. Rizwhan we will send you an email to purchase our course.
The total value of all this content provided individually is £7,891 & we are confident that it has been providing our students with more knowledge and earning potential than a 3 year sports therapy degree costing over £27,000!
Yet we have bundled all of this content into an extremely affordable price of just £2,499. (Payment plans available)
Yes, upon completion you will receive full certification and would be recognised as a certified ICAHT Practitioner and be General Naturopathic Council (GNC) registered. 
People who come from a medical background may find they know some of the content we are teaching, however, this is not a medical course. We are teaching concepts of traditional and alternative medicine based on the understanding of medical science which is different to offering a discipline to medicine itself. The course is designed to take people from the foundational levels all the way up to an advanced understanding. If you have no background in health or science at all then you may find the course requires more of your time investment but this does not take away your ability to succeed in the course.
There is an element of clinical internship based on 50 hours on our site in Leicester. The practical training and assessments are delivered on a one to one basis based on our clinic schedule which means you can arrange a time that is convenient for you. Availability can be on evenings and weekends. It is subject to the availability of the clinic as we manage the clinic amongst all students. The clinical hours can be completed under various increments, such as random few hours a day or full days or full weeks particularly for those who come from abroad. All these aspects of the program are designed to be flexible in your schedule. The start date for the training anytime within our intake window. 
Yes. We have a few courses which can support your existing knowledge. In addition our Elite performance incorporates them all, including our hijama course and our anatomy module. All of which will support your current position. Our course is specifically designed to help hijama practitioners in their abilities. Many students who join us are already practicing and want to take their skills to the next level. The Elite Performance Program combines a number of different techniques outside the field of hijama, including concepts of osteopathy, chiropractic and octropothy. In addition our program aims to resolve an issue within the hijama educational structure in the fact that there is no standardised education for hijama practitioners and the information on hijama is not substantiated by any factual basis but is usually the opinion of particular specialty but does not normally have a scientific or factual basis. On the other hand our course uses scientific understanding and is on a factual basis.


With the growing popularity of complementary medicine and a general dissatisfaction of conventional drug based medical care, there is not a better time to consider getting involved in the field of Hijama or cupping therapy. With high performance athletes and pop stars leading trends that encourage the use of the practice, more and more people are seeking this form of care than ever before.

The team of doctors and practitioners who teach at our institute have the capacity to help you become competent and safe, not just in the practice of Hijama/cupping but also in the management of people’s health conditions by teaching you all there is to know about how the human body functions and how to influence it out of disease states and into natural healthy and optimised functionality.

Regardless of your current level of knowledge and understanding, through our ICAHT elite performance therapy certification package, we are able to help you transition into a proficient and confident Hijama and cupping practitioner. Whether you are a health professional looking to add new skills to your portfolio of practices or an individual who wants to re-enter the world of education and learning, our leading teaching program is flexibly designed to suit your lifestyle needs.
“The wellness and prevention market will outgrow the conventional health care market”

Dr. Rizwhan Suleman (M. Chiro)

Established in 2008 ICAHT have over 15+ years of holistic physical medicine.
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