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Unveiling Inspiring Case Studies from ICAHT Patients and Students. Explore the real-life stories of resilience, growth, and success through our ICAHT program. Dive into our collection of compelling case studies that showcase the remarkable journeys of both patients and students who have experienced transformative change. From overcoming challenges to achieving personal and professional milestones, these narratives exemplify the power of ICAHT’s holistic approach to health and education. Join us in celebrating the triumphs of individuals who have not only embraced their potential but have also become inspiring beacons of hope within our community. Learn how ICAHT is making a meaningful impact, one story at a time.



Gerome - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy


Founded in 2008, ICAHT Stands for the Institute of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy. The concept was born out of a strong belief in the healing capabilities of ancient and holistic therapeutic practices and a recognition of the huge gap in understanding & awareness of these techniques in our modern world. Our concept is simple, to apply ancient and holistic therapeutic techniques in light of modern scientific understandings. We help you to achieve more effective, cost efficient, lower risk and overall more progressive and safer outcomes in contrast to traditional or conventional surgical approaches.
Gerome - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy


At ICAHT we may not have the solution to every problem but our aim is to educate everyone we work with on the foundational principles of holistic healthcare so that they are empowered to understand their body’s needs and use the various natural means to meet them. If we feel the range of care options we provide are not the best fit for you, our aim will always be to signpost and navigate you in the right direction.

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At ICAHT our focus is on helping you optimise your health and wellbeing. Although everyone who has a physical body can benefit from our health maintenance and optimisation services, many people visit us when their body is expressing some form of symptoms or disease. We understand that every individual is unique, and so are the circumstances that create their symptoms. That’s why our approach to treatment begins with a thorough initial assessment, allowing us to tailor a treatment plan specifically to your needs. Our team of experienced ICAHT practitioners are dedicated to helping you find relief and long term solutions to your health challenges, restoring function and helping you achieve your fullest potential.
Gerome - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy
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