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Franchising with ICAHT is the ideal choice because we are the World’s premier holistic therapy institution as featured in BBC, British Muslim TV, The Independent Newspaper and have worked with professional organisations including Public Health England and Federal Regulatory Councils in the UK.

with ICAHT

ICAHT has succeeded in widening its reach and global impact by developing its clinical model into a franchise offering that is now available for prospective partners to register their interest.

This unique offering is now to selected investors who share the values and ambitions of our organisation by investing in landmark centres within selected territories. According to a report published by Grand View Research, Inc in March 2019 the global complementary and alternative medicine market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17.07% in the next 7 years generating a revenue of USD 210.81 Billion by 2026. This growth is in line with the huge increase in awareness and demand of complementary therapies and the accelerating decline and mistrust of pharmaceutical & medical systems especially in the management of chronic conditions.


The market is untapped in the UK as the sector is currently poorly organized with no current franchise offerings or corporate enterprises actively leading the market. With the rapid decline in quality and availability of NHS services, its long waiting lists and poor efficiency along with the unstable political situations in Europe pushing for the large scale privatisation of the health sector, complementary therapies are not only a viable but more cost effective option for end users and corporate clients who are becoming ever more aware of the importance of staff wellness initiatives. The reality is however that the market is not equipped to meet the steep rise in its demands.
Currently services are predominantly delivered by small to medium sized independent, practitioner owned, establishments with little consistency, brand recognition, trust or reliability. The ingredients required to lead in this market are trust, authority, consistency, integrity, accessibility and choice of care. These are elements that have all been carefully considered and developed into the ICAHT franchise model. There is no better time to establish a firm dominance in this market and ICAHT are considering applicants to participate in its growth, providing an opportunity not only to invest for financial returns but to do so while making a huge positive impact and value to people’s lives in local communities and for society as a whole. This is not just an opportunity to invest in a venture but a request to help meet an essential need that many nations are desperate to have fulfilled. The need for safer, more cost effective and more efficient health care systems.


  • The ability to be part of a purpose driven movement with a powerful universal message and mission that captivates the hearts of those involved.

  • Access to proven clinical management systems and organisational models that achieve success 

  • Comprehensive industry knowledge and staff training to develop your teams into high value health leading practitioners and facilitators

  • Launch marketing and management for development of your ICAHT territory.

  • The prestige of being part of an established UK Brand known for quality of service and excellence.

  • Comprehensive operational systems and highly selective recruitment criteria to ensure the business is delivered by the right navigators. 

  • Established supply chains for consumables and clinic equipment hand selected and quality assured.

  • A proven business system in the form of a complete sales, marketing, media, supportive systems

  • Protected Industrial and Intellectual property rights.

  • Utilisation of a brand that is already affiliated with high level performers and public personalities that are organic brand ambassadors.

  • The benefit of utilising fully developed sets of policies and procedures thereby reducing the risk mishaps, injuries and financial failure.

  • The assurance that you have a serious, knowledgeable and dedicated franchisor to offer full training and support in all preparatory and operational aspects of the business

  • Content Management Information system to help you manage your businesses

  • Accounting package 


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