our clinics are run by a dedicated team of highly skilled ICAHT practitioners.
Dr Rizwhan Suleman - Institute of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy

Dr. Rizwhan Suleman (M. Chiro)

ICAHT was founded by Dr. Rizwhan Suleman whose title comes from his 5 year study as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Being born & educated in Wales, while having East African parents of Indian Heritage, he was exposed to a range of contrasting health practices & beliefs. After conducting his thesis topic on “Health care amongst ethnic minorities” he realized that there were huge disparities in health outcomes of minority communities & that there was nothing catering to address their needs. Knowing that he was the only Muslim in his class of 140 future chiropractors, while the population he lived in represented 18% ethnic minorities, created some pressure for him to make a change.



The ICAHT Centre of Integrative Medicine is a clinic that attracts patients from all over the country due to our unique approach and advanced intervention techniques. We are arguably the most renowned natural medicine education and health practice in the UK with sites across the country and 2 benchmark franchised centres in Bangalore, India.
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