On the day of your appointment we recommend that you avoid any big meals and encourage you to be well hydrated taking any prescription medication as usual. By arriving in good time it will allow you to find parking and use the restroom so that you can attend your appointment in a relaxed state without interruption. You will likely be asked to wait at your allocated appointment time while your practitioner reviews your forms and considers your case. When ready you will be taken into a consultation room where your practitioner will elaborate on certain aspects of your form with you to gain a deeper holistic understanding of you as a human being and not just as a collection of symptoms. Our consultations can go deep into your past to explore potential influences and it’s important to be open and honest with your practitioner in order for them to best help you. They will never pass judgment over you and everything that you share will be in confidence. You are welcome to bring along some moral support in the form of a friend or loved one if you feel anxious or worried to come in on your own. If you do invite someone in with you, be aware that you may discuss some personal subjects relating to your life and health, but are welcome to ask them to leave at any point if you so wish.

Physical Assessment

After your background history your practitioner will go into more detail on the reason you have sought care. This may be for wellness and maintenance or recovery, from a particular health challenge or issue. You are encouraged to bring along any information, scans or reports pertaining to your issue if you have them available. Once all the required information is obtained, if applicable your practitioner will continue with a physical assessment. This may vary depending on your reason for seeking care but may involve palpation, functional tests and visual assessment. It’s advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing during your physical assessments. In most cases you would not need to undress to be assessed but on the rare occasion that this is required a patient gown will be provided.


Once your patient discovery consultation and assessment are complete your practitioner will discuss their findings with you highlighting their impressions and explaining what they believe is happening with your health and with your body.

At ICAHT we do not take responsibility for anyone’s health outcomes and emphasise the importance of actively being involved in your own care. Be prepared to take notes of what the practitioner discusses with you as you will be expected to learn and understand more about the factors in your case.

Your practitioner will then advise on what areas of your health foundations need attention. If there are factors that require interventions from our holistic physical therapy services your practitioner will advise on a protocol of care based on what will deliver the best outcomes.

This can be a selection or combination of physical therapy interventions such as cupping, chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, fascial stretch, IASTM technique, rehabilitation and more.
They will also advise on other factors that may influence your outcomes that you will need to work on yourself outside of your care at the clinic.

This may involve a range of actionable’s including but not limited to altered physical activities, relaxation techniques, work life balance, counselling, dietary changes, fasting, personal training and more. You will be expected to take action on the other areas of care that your practitioner signposts you to, as they will influence your care and outcomes at the clinic.

Depending on your service selection you may, or may not, go ahead with further treatment on the day of your initial assessment. In all cases at the end of your session, your practitioner would have decided if you are a suitable client for our clinic and if they deemed your case appropriate for either a corrective care program or a maintenance care program. Each one of these options would involve the delivery of the ICAHT method’s holistic physical therapy services and would only differ in treatment frequency and intention.


In conclusion of your assessment your practitioner would have discussed the plan moving forward with you and updated your treatment notes. Any courses of treatment prescribed for you, will have a set duration and frequency, designed to stimulate the intended results required for your case. It’s important to understand that the objective of treatment is to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms and that your symptoms themselves are not the focus or a definitive reflection of progress. True results take time as your body needs to adapt to what your care aims to stimulate. Short term results may be found by seeking symptom resolution medication and pharmaceuticals while creating lasting resolutions to your symptoms take time. Experience has taught us that patients committed to completing their prescribed programs get results, while individuals who decide to see how they feel after individual sessions before proceeding with further care don’t. Allopathic models of care focus on symptoms while holistic care focuses on the cause. In order to maximize outcomes and to filter out patients who are looking for quick fix allopathic models of care we reward commitment with heavily discounted package pricing while ad hoc and one off sessions are maintained at full rate pricing. Our front desk team will discuss your package options with you and help you align with what is required to attain the benefits of holistic care. Once you have completed your commitments and agreements with the front desk team they will help you book your schedule of care so that we can focus on achieving your desired health results together.
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