World Renowned British Heavyweight Boxer Derek Chisora Has CranioFacial Release Technique

Derek Chisora has been a long standing patient and advocate of the ICAHT clinic and has been receiving VIP elite performance therapy services from Dr. Rizwhan Suleman D.C since 2017. Their working relationship started following a shoulder injury that threatened Chisoras career & jeopardized his fight with Carlos Takam but was later resolved with the unconventional methods offered as part of the ICAHT protocol, resulting in a Knockout victory for Chisora and a revival of his fighting career.

Since then, Dr. Rizwhan has become close friends with the heavyweight boxer and suggested trying out Craniofacial Release; an endonasal ballooning technique also known as endonasal technique, cranial facial release, nasal cranial release, bilateral nasal specific technique, functional cranial release, and neurocranial restructuring nasal specific technique.

The procedure uses a small finger cot affixed to an inflatable device (balloon) which is gently inserted into each of the six nasal passages (three on each side), then with a hand pump the balloon is expanded. The balloon inflation presses outward against the bones lining the breathing passages and adjusts the sutures of the skull, particularly the sphenoid. This ultimately relieves the forces that have gone into the skull by releasing any impactions in the cranial sutures.

The technique has become particularly popular amongst athletes who are subject to a high volume of impact to the head and face such as boxers, UFC fighters and NFL players.

Chisora said that the procedure was “a little bit scary” at first but said that he liked it and “could feel the difference straight after”.

Below is a video of Derek’s experience with CFR technique which was performed at his home in north london.

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