What is Fire Cupping?

Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy

Fire cupping is a form of cupping therapy in which a flame is used to create a negative pressure in cups that are positioned on the surface of the skin creating a number of therapeutic effects.

In this method the practitioner ignites a cotton ball dosed in alcohol that is usually held via a pair of clamped forceps, holding the forceps in one hand the practitioner then quickly places the fire ball inside a glass cup, that is held in the opposite hand, for a short moment. While the flame is inside the cup it heats the air contained within it and causes the air to expand as it becomes less dense due to the higher energy. The practitioner then removes the flame from the cup and places the mouth of the cup against the skin of the patient. The cup is not usually hot from its brief interaction with the flame but the air inside the cup which was previously heated by the burning flame starts to cool down. As this happens the air particles inside the cup begin to condense due to a lower energy. As the cooling air contracts it creates a suction pulling on the skin that is in contact with the mouth of the cup latching on to it inducing the desired cupping therapy effect. 

The cup can then either be left in one place on the surface of the skin, applied and reapplied or moved around in a number of different formations depending on what type of cupping therapy is being applied. The suction can vary from a light gentle pull to a very strong deep suction and this is controlled by how long the practitioner heats the inside of the cup with the flame.

Although fire cupping therapy involves the use of fire there is little application of heat to the client receiving the treatment. There are a number of different cupping therapy cups that the practitioner can choose to use including glass, bamboo, ceramic and metal, each with its own properties.

Although there are other methods of cupping therapy other than fire cupping, the fire cupping method is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of the practice and is believed to have been used by the ancient egyptian and ancient chinese civilisations dating back over 5000 years.

Cupping therapy including fire cupping is a natural form of treatment that has regained popularity amongst celebrities, high level sports people and natural health enthusiasts. It is often used in the context of aiding muscle relaxation and enhancing recovery from injury.      

In the video below, we will be sharing our patient Drago had disc bulges in his lumbar spine ( lower back) which have been pressing on his spinal cord according to his MRI and X-Rays. He has had a couple of complex surgeries done to help with his situation but they have not been so successful. One of the treatments we used is fire cupping.

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