The Most influential ICAHT Practitioner of all time.

Kamran, also known to many as Kam was one of the early graduates at ICAHT as he was part of the second ever cohort of students. Based in the heart of Birmingham, Kan and his wife joined the ICAHT Program together and would travel regularly from Birmingham to Leicester to take part in the Live lecture sessions and practical workshops. Back them remote study was not an option for ICAHT students and many would come near and far to study incurring travel and board costs.

There were many people in the class and apart from his extremely long and straight beard (Mash’Allah) he didn’t really stand out. He was actually quite and a little reserved. But one thing that stood out about Kam early on is that he committed to becoming a full time practitioner well before anyone else. This required foresight and dedication as being a hijama practitioner was not a thing back then. It wasn’t a path that had been paved by anyone else. 



Yes, Dr. Rizwhan had clinics but he was a Chiropractor. He would highlight to all the students that he wanted them to become a full-time practitioners and earn Halal incomes from doing this work just like he was. But because everyone knew he was a chiropractor, there were very few students who actually took it to heart or thought it was actually achievable. Not Kam.

Less than a month into the program, Kam arrived for his training in his family car as he did the time before, but there was one difference. The whole car was wrapped in graphics and a large logo saying “REVIVE SUNNAH HIJAMA”. This brother was not messing around. He had burnt the boats and was ready to take the Island. It was clear that Kam was taking this seriously.

Very few will know this but it wasn’t all up from there. For a number of years Kam was constantly offering his services, being laughed at and ridiculed by critics but he stuck to it. He didn’t stop or take on a side job, he was consistent in providing the service to the community, often convincing people to even try out hijama therapy and it’s associated treatments. It actually took a lot of time for his name and reputation to grow.


Another notable thing that Kam did early on which others didn’t is have pride. Not in a negative way but after studying hijama, it’s scientific understanding and it’s clinical application as well as recognising his legal stance by practicing it he wasn’t shy in telling people about it, muslim or non muslim, educated or non educated, medic or non medic it made no difference. This ingredient is one of the ingredients that many practitioners, especially those who lack in their training and knowledge base are deficient in. What is that particular ingredients that many practitioners, especially those who lack in their training and knowledge base are deficient in. What is that particular ingredient? It’s conviction & certainty in what they are doing and saying. (Yageen). This was one of the many things that set Kam up for high levels.

After a number of years working long hours, being active in promotion, speaking to people and networking. Kam’s number was passed on to none other than Sir Alex Ferguson who came to his home to have treatment. It would be fair to say that Sir Alex was impressed by Kam’s service and recommended some people in his netowrk to do the same. Similar to Sir Alex’s career, the rest was history. One by one, the network of high net worth personalities and high level athletes, particularly footballer grew.

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Kam took to social media and found it to be a great tool to help create awareness of this work and widen his network further. He even came to see Dr. Rizwhan and personally encouraged him to setup an instagram account with an open heart humbly saying “if anyone deserves the recognition it is Dr. Rizwhan not me, he’s the expert, I’m just a student”. To this day, Kam never fails to mention ICAHT and his teachers whenever he is recognizsed or makes an achievement. This is the nature of the brother. He genuinely wishes good for others and believes in God’s abundance. While some will hide the secrets to their secrets to their success with concern of competition, Kam has to this day been one of the biggest influencers and revivers of this practice and is contantly referring students and practitioners to ICAHT to become students with no kickbaks or request for recognition.