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Taking the first step of booking an appointment to seek care can be quite daunting. The world of healthcare and alternative medicine can be difficult to navigate as there are so many different variables and options. From following a specific diet, going keto, vegan, juicing, eliminating certain foods, allergy testing, fasting, conflicting exercise advice, new supplements, oils, cryotherapy, irrigation, IV drips, herbal adaptogens and the list goes on and on..

Recognising that you want to take a natural approach to health is just the start.  All techniques and practices under the umbrella of natural health care have their benefits and uses but learning how to navigate through them so that they work to your advantage and not to your detriment is very important. We all know that timing, concentrations and quantities are all important factors when consuming any type of drug or medication and natural medicine is no exception. It requires the same respect and discipline for it to work. Every case and individual is different and all require a tailored approach


At ICAHT we may not have the solution to every problem but our aim is to educate everyone we work with on the foundational principles of holistic healthcare so that they are empowered to understand their body’s needs and use the various natural means to meet them. If we feel the range of care options we provide are not the best fit for you, our aim will always be to signpost and navigate you in the right direction.

Treatment Options

At ICAHT we have a few service options but they do not fit the characteristics of a spa type menu in which you select individual treatments and durations based on your wants. All our care options are based on patient suitability and desired holistic health outcomes. This means your access to our various treatment modalities is facilitated by a guiding practitioner who may take onboard your preferences for particular interventions or styles of care but will discuss your needs and objectives with you in detail in order to deliver a bespoke package of care. One of the great advantages of this model is that you can gain access to a wide range of treatment modalities within your care package without having to have separate treatment packages or practitioners for each one. This not only saves you time (and money) but there is the added benefit of combining treatments modalities which often enhances results. 
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New Patient Consultation

This service involves a detailed health assessment and consultation with an ICAHT practitioner. The session will help you explore your health from a holistic perspective and is suited to individuals who want to gain a better understanding of what is currently going on with their health. You will have the opportunity to discuss what health management and treatment options would be advisable for your case. No treatment is included in this appointment but further sessions can be scheduled based on the recommendations discussed with your practitioner.

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New Patient Consultation & Treatment Session

This service includes a new patient consultation but also includes a single treatment session of Holistic physical therapy. The session may include a range of treatment modalities based on suitability, care goals and patient preference but this will be discussed and decided on during the session. The treatment session will be focused on one particular area of the body or a particular health goal.

What we do - Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy

New Patient Extended Consultation & Treatment Session

This service also includes a new patient consultation and initial treatment session however it is an extended session. Extended sessions are designed to accommodate cases that have more complex needs in terms of either time required for consultation, time required for treatment or a combination of the two. Examples of these would include athletic personalities, people with larger body mass (such as body builders) or individuals who have challenging health needs and require more information and consideration from the practitioner to manage them efficiently. Extended sessions can also be suitable for individuals who do not have complex health needs but wish to have more than one body area or issue worked on during an individual session. This option is also popular for people who are traveling some distance to attend the clinic so that they can receive the maximum service in one visit.

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VIP Elite Performance Therapy NP (Full MOT)

This Service is designed for professional athletes and influential personalities who require an exclusive service from our lead practitioners. A full assessment and consultation is conducted as well as a health goals discussion to ensure alignment of the treatment objectives and personal and career objectives. Treatment consists of holistic physical therapy techniques based on the ICAHT model of care and there is an allowance for as many areas of focus as suitable for the individual patient. We understand that putting your health in the hands of someone else is a big deal and that you may have many questions that you need answered before you can feel comfortable enough to proceed. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below for your reference and also have a message box for any questions you may have that were not covered in our list.

The Process for New Patient Appointment

The first step for anyone seeking care at an ICAHT Clinic is to book an initial NEW PATIENT appointment. There are a few new appointment options and we will explain the different services a little further on, but it’s important to know that ALL new patient appointments will have the same patient discovery process. This initial part of our interaction with any new client helps us gain a detailed understanding of your current health state as well as your past health history and lifestyle patterns. This process actually begins prior to our initial meeting as you are sent an online form to complete as soon as you have booked your appointment.
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What To Expect

If you do invite someone in with you, be aware that you may discuss some personal subjects relating to your life and health, but are welcome to ask them to leave at any point if you so wish.

After your background history your practitioner will go into more detail on the reason you have sought care. This may be for wellness and maintenance or recovery, from a particular health challenge or issue. You are encouraged to bring along any information, scans or reports pertaining to your issue if you have them available. Once all the required information is obtained, if applicable your practitioner will continue with a physical assessment. This may vary depending on your reason for seeking care but may involve palpation, functional tests and visual assessment. It’s advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing during your physical assessments. In most cases you would not need to undress to be assessed but on the rare occasion that this is required a patient gown will be provided.  

Continual Care & Support

At ICAHT, our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end with your initial assessment and treatment plan. We believe in continual care and support throughout your journey to health optimisation. Our team will closely monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, and provide you with the education and tools you need to manage and maintain your health in the future. This proactive approach to health maintenance is the true expression of healthcare, different from the reactive practice of looking after one’s sickness when it arises (Sick care).

Prescriptive Care

In conclusion of your assessment, your practitioner would have discussed the plan moving forward with you and updated your treatment notes. Any courses of treatment prescribed for you, will have a set duration and frequency, designed to stimulate the intended results required for your case. It’s important to understand that the objective of treatment is to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms and that your symptoms themselves are not the focus or a definitive reflection of progress. True results take time as your body needs to adapt to what your care aims to stimulate. Short term results may be found by seeking symptom resolution medication and pharmaceuticals while creating lasting resolutions to your symptoms take time.Experience has taught us that patients committed to completing their prescribed programs get results, while individuals who decide to see how they feel after individual sessions before proceeding with further care don’t. Allopathic models of care focus on symptoms while holistic care focuses on the cause.

In order to maximize outcomes and to filter out patients who are looking for quick fix allopathic models of care we reward commitment with heavily discounted package pricing while ad hoc and one off sessions are maintained at full rate pricing. Our front desk team will discuss your package options with you and help you align with what is required to attain the benefits of holistic care. Once you have completed your commitments and agreements with the front desk team they will help you book your schedule of care so that we can focus on achieving your desired health results together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to book an appointment?
There are 3 options for first time patients:

Use our booking page  (For first timers only)

Give us a call:
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Symptoms are often the body’s reaction or adaptation to a dysfunction and serve the useful purpose of signaling that something is wrong. They can manifest in various forms and affect different parts of your body. Common types of symptoms we see include:
Muscle pain (also referred to as myofascial pain) is most commonly caused by overuse, underuse or trauma. In some cases myofascial pain can also be referred from other structures or linked to neurological or nutritional imbalances. Our initial assessment helps identify the root cause of your muscle pain, enabling us to provide targeted treatment.
Joint pain is often caused by injury, repetitive strain, imbalanced mechanics leading to improper loading and deconditioning, which can all lead to be a part of arthritic changes often associated with inflammation. Neurological, immunological and nutritional imbalances can also cause such symptoms. Our team of practitioners will assess your joints to determine the appropriate treatment approach, which may include physical therapy, rehabilitation, diet and lifestyle amendments or referral for further tests or assessments if needed.
Back pain can be debilitating and have a significant impact on your daily life. It can be linked to muscular dysfunction, joint problems, activities and lifestyle. It can also be a referral from other underlying conditions or dysfunction. It’s extremely important to understand the cause of back pain symptoms before undergoing any form of treatment especially if they have significant risk ratios. Our team of practitioners recognise the importance of gaining this understanding before offering any treatment and conduct comprehensive assessments to help us pinpoint the source of your back pain to develop customized treatment plans that aim to alleviate its underlaying causes and not just treat its symptoms.
Neck pain can result from poor posture, muscle tension, whiplash injuries, repetitive strain as well as mechanical adaptations to other areas of dysfunction in your body. Our team of practitioners recognise the importance of gaining a clear insight into what is causing your neck symptoms before offering any treatment and conduct comprehensive assessments to help us pinpoint the source of your neck pain. This helps us develop customized treatment plans to address its root cause.

Nerve Problems, often characterized by muscle wasting and weakness or tingling and burning sensations, can be caused by a number of different situations including past surgeries, stroke, compression, inflammatory disorders as well as nutritional and immunological deficiencies. There are many conditions that can be mistaken to be nerve problems and misdiagnosis along with its associated miss management and mistreatment of patients who are suffering with such symptoms can be a very risky road to be on. It is extremely important that people in such situations get the right advice not just based on their X-ray or MRI findings but also based on their levels of function and stability. It is far too often that we see people rushed and pressured into taking decisions on irreversible surgery or high risk interventions without exploring the opportunities of conservative management and rehabilitative care. Our team of ICAHT practitioners recognise the importance of gaining a clear insight into what is causing your symptoms and exploring all possibilities before offering any treatments. We conduct comprehensive assessments based on functional capacities and recognise that each person requires a tailored pathway to achieve optimal results. 

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