Premium Mechanical Vaccum Cup – Size 6 – Cupping Therapy


Lightweight Cups


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This listing is for 10 x Size 6 individual cups

These cups are light weight and see through with good quality yellow pin valves and black rubber stoppers to prevent air loss and cups falling off easily which is common with lower quality cups. This design of cup has the perfect balance of quality and price which make them the ideal choice for wet cupping therapy were they are used a single use apparatus and discarded after becoming soiled by bodily fluids.

These cupping therapy cup are often used in dry cupping and can be reused when not contaminated with blood. There are more superior quality and thickness cups available on our store if you are looking for long lasting cups however these will make a great set for home use or if just starting out.


The Product Title is:
Weight 0.1 kg
Inner Diameter


Outer Diameter



10 grams

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