Founded in 2008, ICAHT Stands for the Institute of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy. The concept was born out of a strong belief in the healing capabilities of ancient and holistic therapeutic practices and a recognition of the huge gap in understanding & awareness of these techniques in our modern world. Our concept is simple, to apply ancient and holistic therapeutic techniques in light of modern scientific understandings. We help you to achieve more effective, cost efficient, lower risk and overall more progressive and safer outcomes in contrast to traditional or conventional surgical approaches.


ICAHT was founded by Dr. Rizwhan Suleman whose title comes from his 5 year study as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Being born and educated in Wales, while having East African parents of South-East Asian Heritage, he was exposed to a range of quite contrasting health practices and beliefs.

After conducting his thesis topic on “Health care amongst ethnic minorities” he realized that there were huge disparities in health outcomes of minority communities & that there was nothing catering to address their needs. Knowing that he was the only Muslim in his class of 140 future chiropractors, while the population he lived in represented 18% ethnic minorities, created some pressure for him to make a change.

Development of comprehensive training

On graduating he not only created a model of care that integrated a wider choice of treatment options that aligned with his traditional beliefs and religious philosophies but he worked specifically to address the disparities highlighted in his research in the areas of patient education, empowerment, trust, communication and accessibility. Due to high demand, within 2 years Dr. Rizwhan established large patient lists in 5 cities across the UK until he realised it was too much of a task to take up alone. Struggling to find other health professionals who had the skills, abilities, and beliefs that aligned with his model he developed a comprehensive system of training to develop the staff that joined his team.

ICAHT Training

In 2013 Dr Rizwhan took this training public with the first ever Diploma in Clinically applied Hijama therapy, which taught a comprehensive system of patient management and a standardised model of safe practice, based on medical physiology & scientific rationale. This training later formed the structure for the regulatory frameworks in the field of hijama therapy in the UK and used by the health ministry of Saudi Arabia. Since then ICAHT’s training offerings in holistic health care have expanded both nationally and internationally allowing global access to the ICAHT model of care through ICAHT certified students and practitioners.

Our concept starts to
gain pace far & wide

Following the 2016 Olympics in which USA Swimmer Michel Phelp’s sported his cupping therapy marks while shocking the world with his superhuman performances, Dr Rizwhan was invited to demonstrate cupping LIVE on BBC national news. The awareness that this interview brought initiated the influx of professional athletes to ICAHT ranging from Heavyweight boxing champions such as Derek Chisora & Anthony Joshua, to football legends such as Nicolas Anelka and Paul Pogba who have all sought services from ICAHT practitioners. Since then ICAHT practitioners and ICAHT clinics have gone strength to strength in the plight to create a new profession of high quality practitioners and increase the awareness and accessibility of the revolutionary concept of the ICAHT Model of health management.
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