Dr. Rizwhan Suleman (Chiropractic Doctor) is now one of only 4 Doctors in the UK Certified in Craniofacial Release Technique

Cranfiofascial Release Certificate received by Dr. Rizwhan

As a qualified Chiropractor and Practicing naturopathic doctor who works in the field of elite sports, Craniofacial release technique is something that has been on my radar for many years.

The procedure involves the use of a small inflatable balloon that is positioned in the nasal passage and carefully inflated. By inflating this balloon, adjustments can be performed to the various parts of the skull, particularly the sphenoid. Among many other benefits, the adjustment helps improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the spinal column and the brain.

Endo nasal ballooning in its original form was developed in the 1930s by Dr. J. R. Stober who was the founding father of the technique. He directly taught Dr. Adam Del Torto, a graduate of the renowned New York Chiropractic College in 1984. Dr. Adam later went on to refine and develop the technique into his own protocol called craniofacial release technique and when I heard he was traveling to Europe to teach both a beginners and advanced workshop in the technique I knew I had to attend his class and meet him.

So in March of this year 2024 I flew from London to Dusseldorf Germany to attend both his beginners and advanced workshops. The workshops are exclusively offered to Chiropractic doctors with a set level of experience and competence and are spread over 3 long and intensive days of both theory and practicals.

As part of the training we looked at many aspects of the procedure from its neurological effects, its mechanical mechanisms and theories as well as its clinical uses, indicators and contraindications. A big part of the training was practical implementation and over the two workshops I received the treatment myself over 12 times and was fortunate enough to have the honor of ballooning Dr. Adam Del Torto himself.

On returning to the UK I have been eager to develop my skills and experience in this field and have already applied it to all of my eligible family members. For a 2 month period we have also offered the service to all our patients currently under care at our Bristol and Leicester clinics at a heavily discounted fee in exchange for their openness to help me develop my experience.

In this time already we have seen a wide range of successful cases that have responded very well to the procedure. For details on how you can schedule an appointment for Craniofacial release click here to book an appointment or call 01163400786 to find out more information. CFR is currently offered by Dr. Rizwhan Suleman only at his clinical sites in Bristol and Leicester.

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