Dr. Rizwhan gets Stitched UP Live on BBC National News

During the 2016 olympics a number of athletes were seen sporting circle cupping marks on their bodies as part of their recovery and performance optimisation routines. This was gaining a lot of attention especially as these marks were consistently being sported by one of the highest performing athletes in the world at the time. None other than the USA team’s Micheal Phelps.

Due to the heightened curiosity that this brought to people’s minds one of the Youtube videos we produced in 2013 started to go viral. The video showed Dr. Rizwhan demonstrating hijama therapy on one of his patients named Mustafa. You can view the video here.

Initially the independent newspaper took screenshots of this video and published it in articles explaining what cupping therapy was, citing its information from one of Dr Rizwhan’s articles.

The BBC along with a number of different media outlets were covering this story too and contacted Dr. Rizwhan to ask if he would appear on their show to demonstrate the practice LIVE for people to see. Seeing this as a great opportunity to increase awareness of cupping therapy Dr. Rizwhan accepted the request and travelled down to the BBC Studio in central London for his guest appearance.  

On arriving he was explained that it would be a simple case of showing the procedure LIVE on air and answering some questions by the host. Little did he know what was actually going to unfold. During the live demonstration Dr Rizwhan heard the voice of a Pharmacology professor (known as Dr Skeptic) who started initiating an attack on Dr. Rizwhan and the practice in what was quite a derogatory manner. It appears that the aim all along was to ridicule the practice of Hijama and cupping therapy but fortunately Dr Rizwhan was able to improvise a response to the attacks and hold his ground. 

Dr. Rizwhan says that prior to going on set while he was kept in the waiting area he felt a bit of an airy feeling like something was not going to go his way. As a result to reassure himself and calm his nerves he offered two units of prayer asking for God to uphold his dignity and allow him to defend the truth. By God’s grace his prayers were answered.

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