The ICAHT Centre of Integrative Medicine is a clinic that attracts patients from all over the country due to our unique approach and advanced intervention techniques. We are arguably the most renowned natural medicine education and health practice in the UK with sites across the country and 2 benchmark franchised centres in Bangalore, India. 

Our Leicester clinic has a high demand that outweighs our supply and we are looking to expand our team with new practitioners to lead services across sites.

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As practitioners, we are not bound by titles such as osteopath, chiropractor or hijama therapists. As a result, we try to help our patients based on their needs in a patient-centred approach that leads us to offer wider services based on the provisions and often lack in the community. Through this approach, we empower our practitioners to diversify their skills and contribute to the organisation in as wide a scope as possible so as to further the development of our organisation, our patient outcomes and our staff’s satisfaction & growth in their roles.

Our ethos is that our practitioners must be exemplary models and leaders in the community and we provide all the provisions to encourage this. Loyalty is an extremely important value in our organisation and when we find the right candidates who commit fully to working as part of our collective to achieve much higher levels than what can be achieved alone as individuals, we all prosper. We have practitioners and team members who have served us for over 10 years & are looking for similar additions to our team who reap the rewards of their commitment to continuously add value to the community, the organisation and themselves.

We are a very hands-on practice using spinal adjustments, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, cupping, hijama (wet cupping therapy), fire cupping, nutritional interventions, practical psychology (strategic intervention) & mind coaching techniques.

Our job is to re-educate the community one patient at a time and lead with a strong philosophy of preventative wellness care that is function-focused as opposed to the all too common pain and sick care models of care.

Institute of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy - build a succesful career image 2Our practice is founded by internationally acclaimed Chiropractor and integrative medicine practitioner Dr Rizwhan Suleman, who has built teams across the globe and has worked with sporting legends such as Nicholas Anelka and world heavyweight boxing champion Derek Chisora, to name a few. As a result, Professional football players and athletes are not an uncommon sight at our practices. Our team members have travelled out to Egypt, Dubai, Denmark, Belgium & India to serve some of the A-list clients that we work with.

On the opposite end of the elite performance spectrum we also deal with a wide range of complex conditions as the trust built in the local community over the years often makes us a point of call for all sorts of ailments. As a result, we are kept on our toes maintaining our knowledge of systemic health issues as well as regular Musculoskeletal work.

We as a team love to do all of the above with passion, style and enthusiasm. We lead from the front and aim to be examples of health to our practice members. Work-life balance is a priority and we support each one of our team to gain fulfilment in this regard so that they can deliver the best version of themselves to the practice every day.


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If you don’t see a position available but believe you would be a good fit for our team, feel free to fill up the form as we are always looking to expand our team!

Future Job Openings:

– ICAHT Certified Practitioner

– Front of House Manager

– Assistant Practitioner

– Sales Assistant & Receptionist

– Grade 5 Spinal Therapist