Ramdan Kareem (or Happy Ramadan) to all those participating in the muslim holy month of fasting. This month is a great opportunity for both physical and spiritual purification & for the coming weeks I will be sharing a few tips that will help you optimise your health and nourish your spirit whether or not you are participating in the holy month or not.    

The first topic we will cover is breath! Oxygen is the only nutrient that we are able to feed on during the day without breaking our fast and what a blessing that is. If food is scarce and oxygen is abundant, why not make use of this opportunity to suck up as much as you can?

Improving your breath could be the missing link from your daily routine. Why not practise this ramadan and nurture a new habit that will serve you on multiple levels at the mind, body and soul. An amalgamation of using breath awareness and breathing exercises for healing, growth and spiritual elevation. As a practitioner, I have seen first hand how simply breathing correctly can reduce anxiety, increase clarity and focus, elevate mood, promote digestion, eliminate oxidative stress, reduce cravings, lower blood pressure and improve sleep. I have been integrating breath work into my clinical practice for over 15 years now and have seen its capacity to create profound and lasting change in the health status of so many of my patients. 

Many of us have lived our lives doing what is called “survival breathing’, where we breathe just enough to not suffocate. Add to the fact that the air around is polluted, toxic and saturated, no wonder many people are falling sick and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that something as simple as walking in nature can elevate mood and wellbeing. As well as the beautiful trees, green grass and bird sounds, the air is generally cleaner and sweeter hence your body is likely to thank you for it by perking itself up and feeling energised. I believe that many respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchial disorders and sleep apnea can be massively helped from deep breathing protocols and techniques. People are not utilising their breathing apparatus properly, and activation of the lower portions of the lungs are often suppressed by overfilled bellies, poor abdominal flexibility and diaphragmatic weakness. 

We must be opportunistic during the fasting hours and make most of the empty stomach and find time throughout the day to practise deep breathing. The lungs are huge excretory organs whereby the effects of fasting can enhance their ability to detoxify toxic material from the body. Deep breathing will increase your detoxification potential during the month and alongside an anti-inflammatory diet,  know that more toxicity can exit your body if you breathe right. 

I know from experience how breath has helped me transform my life and how it has become a tool I use on a daily basis. Deep and conscious breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which kicks off the natural relaxation response, blocking the stress responses which so many of us walk around with for hours on end. Promoting the healing processes through dietary control alongside conscious breathing exercises can be powerful transformative realities for you this ramadan. Oxygen is the master molecule in health and using it this ramadan can make this year a peaceful, calm and relaxing experience. Breath work can be meditative. Add some Quran in the background or simply contemplate the greatness and blessings of your creator and you are truly opening your soul to spiritual realities and energies worthy of a successful transformation and healing.

I wanted to share this short video with you on conscious breathing. Once you have watched it I have some homework for you. I want you to click on the following breathing techniques & give them a go!!!

Here are a few techniques to try;

  1. 1. Diaphragmatic breathing
  2. 2. Breath counting
  3. 3. Alternate Nostril Breathing

For those of you questioning why you should spend time in Ramadan working on your breathing, you may find this video explaining the importance of breath in the art and science (Tajweed) of Quran recitation interesting.   

 We would love to hear feedback on how you got on! Show us your diaphragmatic breathing techniques the next time you visit the clinic. Just so you know, we are open during ramadan. 

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  1. Wonderful website! It has a tonne of useful information, which I’m posting on Delicious and sharing to a few friends. I am grateful for all of your efforts.

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