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ICAHT Practitioners gain a detailed understanding of your current health status and provide a tailored program of care that may consist of a wide range of hands-on therapeutic techniques, lifestyle amendments, health education and corrective exercises, specific to your situation.

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Be empowered with comprehensive education programs to help yourself & others achieve optimal health through natural means.

Alum BariAlum Bari
18:56 04 Feb 23
I have been attending ICAHT, regularly for around 4 years now and come from Birmingham. This is due to the exceptional professionalism, attention to detail and patient care exhibited by all the staff, all the time, specifically brother Omar, who goes above and beyond to ensure that we are taken care of.I have been especially impressed by the holistic care and practice shown by the ICAHT team to try and assess and treat different healthcare issues, specifically when it comes to musculoskeletal problems.I would highly recommend anybody suffering from any MSK issues to book in for an assessment with ICAHT and trust the process. They have helped me treat my chronic back and shoulder pains which had caused me to take time off sick before now. Since following the treatment plan I have noticed a marked difference in my mobility, range of motion and day to day activities.I thank the ICAHT team for their continued support and exceptional treatment. If I could give a rating more than 5 stars I would.Keep up the amazing work guys!
16:14 24 Jan 23
I started to get lower back pain around March 2022. Thankfully, I have never usually suffered from any aches or pains, however this back pain appeared from nowhere. I tried many exercises, different methods of treatment including chiropractic and homeopathy. Nothing worked! The pain was gradually getting worse and worse. Eventually, I met with Omar from ICAHT. He explained to me the reasoning behind my back pain which stems from my SI joints. I placed all my trust and hope in Omar and boy did he come through for me! Within one session, the pain massively reduced by 90%. I never thought we could achieve such improvements so quick. I continued several more sessions to ensure the problem has been addressed once and for all. Omar from ICAHT is my guy from now onwards for any muscular or joint issues. Thank you! 🙏🏼
Rose AliRose Ali
13:43 21 Dec 22
First of all I would like to thank Dr Riz and the rest of the team for the amount of support they have given me physically and mentally with my health. The love, attention and knowledge you receive from this place is unbelievable , it actually helped speed up my healing process. Half of the healing process depends on your state of mind too which ICAHT taught me.So I had surgery and after it I couldn’t walk or move my back without being in agony due to surgery going wrong and nerve damage in my back passage being cut, believe me it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced so when I started attending sessions with Dr Riz baring in mind I was bed ridden for 2 years , I found I started healing straight away and the pain was becoming less and less as well as getting feeling back into my legs subhan’allah !! I was bed ridden for almost 2 years and coming here changed my life , I went from laying in bed 24/7 to actually getting on my feet and shuffling and as the healing process went on i eventually started walking again and not only that my mental health improved drastically and brought back my confidence and positive thinking. With the NHS I had zero help and if anything it was playing havoc with my mental health as I kept thinking I’m going to end up in a wheel chair at this rate but things soon changed when I started attending sessions with Dr Riz.Seriously if I never took action by coming to the right place I would probably have been wheel chaired off.The Chiropractic adjustments , Sunnah Wet cupping and Deep tissue massages targeted exactly what needed to be targeted to get me better and start healing . Now I THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY and the TEAM that I have started to walk again with no pain and my nerve damage is healing nicely too.If you are unwell mentally or physically I really recommend this place , I promise that you will see results and a difference with your health!INVEST IN YOU AND YOUR FUTURE !THIS PLACE WILL HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF WITH MAXIMUM BENEFIT and please don’t be put off by the expenses and costs, The money you invest in your health will help you live a graceful life and more importantly a graceful life right through old age.God bless , May The Lord Almighty Heal all he sick Ameen 🤲🙏💖Sister S
Zainab PatelZainab Patel
18:16 11 Nov 22
The team have been consistently good at what they do even with staff changes; they ensure the people they hire are highly skilled. As a therapist myself, I appreciate ICAHT’s approach and knowledge.
Neezam KasmaniNeezam Kasmani
10:36 06 Nov 22
I suffered from lower backpain for the best part of 10 years. Doctors only advised pain relief and diagnosed me with sciatica. I came here one day after a month of being in pain I was seen by the doctor and was told there is nothing wrong with my back it's the muscle in my hips are "locked up". I was given a 10 week intense course in which brother Umar worked these areas with graston techniques, stretches, wet and dry cupping. After a few sessions I really noticed a massive improvement. Within the 10 weeks I took no pain medication. All the tingles had stopped and the pain went from severe to just a dull annoying sensation. I am now 1 year on I go for monthly tune ups for any ailments out of my own choice after seeing and living the benefits icaht has to offer. 1 thing about this place they were honest and made you feel welcome and they were brutally honest which is what I needed. What will always live with me is the following words from brother Umar "for you to get better you need to work with me. I will do the 20% here but the other 80% of your recovery is done at home". You will reap the rewards if you follow instruction, remain consistent and always keep a positive outlook as recovery is not done over night or after 1 session. This will work if you keep at it, appreciate and action the knowledge they pass to you. Thank you team Icaht and thank you bother Umar and his team.


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